living life after 50


Robyn Brindley-Lupone

I was born in 1958 in Western Massachusetts and raised in Maine. I have also lived in South Texas, North Carolina, Washington, Idaho and California. My life is influenced by my Yankee ingenuity, my IG friends and a can do attitude. Being raised by my Dad after my Mom passed when I was 13 I know just enough about "Man Stuff" to be dangerous! LOL

You probably notice that I have significant scaring on my face. In August of 1969 I had a banana bike accident which upon impact the cartilage in my nose liquified. Plastic surgery in 1969 isn't what it is today! I have avoided the camera like the plague so if you see selfies or videos of me it's a big deal!

Now my hair... I colored my hair for over 30 years when it got to the point where I needed to touch-up every two to three weeks that was enough! I am currently growing my hair out to donate so someone can have a wig if they need it. I almost cut my hair a few weeks ago but when I thought of the person that might need a wig I said to  myself "Get over yourself you will live a while longer with your hair long!" LOL

 I started this blog in 2018 (right after my 60th birthday) while living on the Galatea a 36' sport fishing boat. I've been living on the Galatea since June 2015 in about 150 sq feet. Please know this is my husbands dream not mine. Sometimes we make huge sacrifices for those we love. 

I am also beauty guide with Limelife by Alcone. You may ask why I am starting this blog and being a beauty guide at this age? It is to reach out to my community resulting in making a living so I can move back on land. If you are interested in Limelife by Alcone there is a direct link in the top left corner of the blog.

I am passionate about food preparation and eating, diying, sewing, paper arts, thrifting and gardening. My goal is when I've put in the work and done my time I will have a small home on land, with chickens, an organic food garden and a doodle! 

I value kindness for the world. I do my best to live my life that way. 

Photos on this site are mine unless otherwise noted.